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JNTUH R18 B.Tech Applied Physics Important Questions 2021

JNTUH R18 B.Tech Important Questions

JNTUH R18 B.Tech Applied Physics Important Questions 2021

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Applied Physics is pure physics which is used in Engineering. It is a common subject which is thought in the first year of many Engineering colleges in India including JNUTH. Applied Physics is considered as a bridge between Engineering and Physics .


Important Questions for Applied Physics. Team Cynohub has been through several previous years papers and then curated all the important questions for Applied Physics JNTUH R18.

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Applied Physics Syllabus

Applied Physics Unit 1

Quantum Mechanics

Introduction to quantum physics, Black body radiation, Planck’s law, Photoelectric effect, Compton effect, de Broglie’s hypothesis, Wave-particle duality, Davisson and Germer experiment, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle, Born’s interpretation of the wave function, Schrodinger’s time-independent wave equation, Particle in a one-dimensional box.

Applied Physics Unit 2

Semiconductor Physics

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors, Dependence of Fermi level on carrier-concentration and temperature, Carrier generation and recombination, Carrier transport: diffusion and drift, Hall effect, p-n junction diode, Zener diode and their V-I Characteristics, Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT): Construction, Principle of operation.

Applied Physics Unit 3


Radiative and non-radiative recombination mechanisms in semiconductors, LED and semiconductor lasers: Device structure, Materials, Characteristics and figures of merit, Semiconductor photodetectors: Solar cell, PIN and Avalanche and their structure, Materials, working principle and Characteristics.

Applied Physics Unit 4

Lasers and Fibre Optics

Lasers: Introduction to interaction of radiation with matter, Coherence, Principle and working of Laser, Population inversion, Pumping, Types of Lasers: Ruby laser, Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, He-Ne laser, Applications of laser. Fibre Optics: Introduction, Optical fibre as a dielectric wave guide, Total internal reflection, Acceptance angle, Acceptance cone and Numerical aperture, Step and Graded index fibres, Losses associated with optical fibres, Applications of optical fibres.

Applied Physics Unit 5

Electromagnetism and Magnetic Properties of Materials

Laws of electrostatics, Electric current and the continuity equation, Ampere’s and Faraday’s laws, Maxwell’s equations, Polarisation, Permittivity and Dielectric constant, Internal fields in a solid, Clausius-Mossotti equation, Ferroelectrics and Piezoelectrics. Magnetisation, permeability and susceptibility, Classification of magnetic materials, Ferromagnetism and ferromagnetic domains, Hysteresis, Applications of magnetic materials.


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CynoHub makes sure that all the Course Objectives are completed. After successfully going through all the video lectures and lecture notes the below mentioned objectives will be completed.

  • To understand the behaviour of a particle quantum mechanically.
  • To be able to distinguish pure and impure semi conductors and understand formation of P-N Junction.
  • To understand various magnetic and dielectric properties of materials.
  • To study super conductor behaviour of materials.

After completing the course the student will be able to know and understand the below mentioned concepts.So the Outcome of the course is –

  • Realize the importance of behaviour of a particle quantum mechanically.
  • Learn concentration estimation of charge carriers in semi conductors.
  • Learn various magnetic dielectric properties and apply them in engineering applications.
  • Know the basic principles and applications of super conductors.

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