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Engineering Drawing Important Questions for JNTUH R18

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Engineering Drawing Important Questions for JNTUH R18

Engineering Drawing Important Questions R18:

Engineering drawing important questions r18

Engineering Drawing is a subject of first year, that is imparted in the curriculum to provide knowledge about basic concepts in engineering drawing, to draw sectional views and pictorial views of solids, to provide knowledge about standard principle’s in orthographic projections of solids. 

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Engineering Drawing JNTUH R18:


Introduction to Engineering Drawing: 

Principles of Engineering Graphics and their
Significance, Conic Sections including the Rectangular Hyperbola – General method only.
Cycloid, Epicycloid and Hypocycloid, Scales – Plain & Diagonal.


Orthographic Projections:

 Principles of Orthographic Projections – Conventions –
Projections of Points and Lines, Projections of Plane regular geometric figures.—Auxiliary


Projections of Regular Solids – Auxiliary Views – Sections or Sectional views of Right
Regular Solids – Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone – Auxiliary views – Sections of Sphere


Development of Surfaces of Right Regular Solids – Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid and Cone,
Intersection of Solids: Intersection of – Prism vs Prism- Cylinder Vs Cylinder


Isometric Projections:

 Principles of Isometric Projection – Isometric Scale – Isometric
Views –Conventions – Isometric Views of Lines, Plane Figures, Simple and Compound
Solids – Isometric Projection of objects having non- isometric lines. Isometric Projection of
Spherical Parts. Conversion of Isometric Views to Orthographic Views and Vice-versa –


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