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JNTUH R18 B.Tech Electrical Machines Syllabus 2022


JNTUH R18 B.Tech Electrical Machines Syllabus 2022

Electrical Machines Syllabus along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of textbook and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of Electrical Machines  has 5 units in total. 

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Electrical Machines Syllabus Unit 1

D.C. Generators: Principle of operation – Action of commutator – constructional features – armature windings – lap and wave windings – simplex and multiplex windings – use of laminated armature –  E.M.F Equation. Armature reaction – Cross magnetizing and de-magnetizing AT/pole – compensating winding – commutation – reactance voltage – methods of improving commutation. Methods of Excitation separately excited and self-excited generators – build-up of E.M.F – critical field resistance and critical speed – causes for failure to self-excite and remedial measures. Load characteristics of shunt, series and compound generators


Electrical Machines Syllabus Unit 2

D.C. Motors: Principle of operation – Back E.M.F. – Torque equation – characteristics and application of shunt, series and compound motors – Armature reaction and commutation. Speed control of D.C. Motors – Armature voltage and field flux control methods. Motor starters (3-point and 4-point starters) Testing of D.C. machines – Losses – Constant & Variable losses – calculation of efficiency – condition for maximum efficiency.


Electrical Machines Syllabus Unit 3

Testing of DC Machines: Methods of Testing – direct, indirect, and regenerative testing – Brake test. Swinburne’s test – Hopkinson’s test – Field’s test – separation of stray losses in a d.c. motor test.


Electrical Machines Syllabus Unit 4

Single Phase Transformers: Types – constructional details-minimization of hysteresis and eddy current losses- EMF equation – operation on no load and on load – phasor diagrams Equivalent circuit – losses and efficiency – regulation – All day efficiency – effect of variations of frequency & supply voltage on iron losses.


Electrical Machines Syllabus Unit 5

Testing of Transformers and Poly-Phase Transformers: OC and SC tests – Sumpner’s test – predetermination of efficiency and regulation-separation of losses test-parallel operation with equal and unequal voltage ratios – auto transformers-equivalent circuit – comparison with two winding transformers. Poly-phase transformers – Poly-phase connections – Y/Y, Y/Δ, Δ/Y, Δ/Δ and openΔ.


Electrical Machines course objectives:

  • To study and understand different types of DC generators, Motors and Transformers, their construction, operation and applications.
  • To analyze performance aspects of various testing methods.

Electrical Machines course outcomes:

  • Identify different parts of a DC machine & understand its operation
  • Carry out different testing methods to predetermine the efficiency of DC machines
  • Understand different excitation and starting methods of DC machines
  • Control the voltage and speed of a DC machines
  • Analyze single phase and three phase transformers circuits.

Electrical Machines reference books:

  1. A. E. Fitzgerald and C. Kingsley, “Electric Machinery”, New York, McGraw Hill Education, 2013.
  2. A. E. Clayton and N. N. Hancock, “Performance and design of DC machines”, CBS Publishers, 2004.
  3. M. G. Say, “Performance and design of AC machines”, CBS Publishers, 2002.
  4. P. S. Bimbhra, “Electrical Machinery”, Khanna Publishers, 2011.
  5. I. J. Nagrath and D. P. Kothari, “Electric Machines”, McGraw Hill Education, 2010.

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