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JNTUH R18 B.Tech Analog Electronics Syllabus 2022


JNTUH R18 B.Tech Analog Electronics Syllabus 2022

Analog Electronics Syllabus along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of textbook and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of Analog Electronics  has 5 units in total. 

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Analog Electronics Syllabus Unit 1

Diode Circuits: P-N junction diode, I-V characteristics of a diode; review of half-wave and full-wave rectifiers, clamping and clipping circuits. Input output characteristics of BJT in CB, CE, CC configurations, biasing circuits, Load line analysis, common-emitter, common-base and common collector amplifiers; Small signal equivalent circuits.


Analog Electronics Syllabus Unit 2

MOSFET Circuits: MOSFET structure and I-V characteristics. MOSFET as a switch. small signal equivalent circuits – gain, input and output impedances, small-signal model and common-source, common-gate and common-drain amplifiers, trans conductance, high frequency equivalent circuit.


Analog Electronics Syllabus Unit 3

Multi-Stage and Power Amplifiers: Direct coupled and RC Coupled multi-stage amplifiers; Differential Amplifiers, Power amplifiers – Class A, Class B, Class C.


Analog Electronics Syllabus Unit 4

Feedback Amplifiers: Concepts of feedback – Classification of feedback amplifiers – General characteristics of Negative feedback amplifiers – Effect of Feedback on Amplifier characteristics – Voltage series, Voltage shunt, Current series and Current shunt Feedback configurations – Simple problems.

Oscillators: Condition for Oscillations, RC type Oscillators-RC phase shift and Wien-bridge Oscillators, LC type Oscillators –Generalized analysis of LC Oscillators, Hartley and Colpitts Oscillators.


Add Your Heading Text HereAnalog Electronics Syllabus Unit 5

Operational Amplifiers: Ideal op-amp, Output offset voltage, input bias current, input offset current, slew rate, gain bandwidth product, Inverting and non-inverting amplifier, Differentiator, integrator, Square-wave and triangular-wave generators.


Analog Electronics course objectives:

  • To introduce components such as diodes, BJTs and FETs their switching characteristics, applications
  • Learn the concepts of high frequency analysis of transistors.
  • To give understanding of various types of basic and feedback amplifier circuits such as small signal, cascaded, large signal and tuned amplifiers.
  • To introduce the basic building blocks of linear integrated circuits.
  • To introduce the concepts of waveform generation and introduce some special function ICs.

Analog Electronics course outcomes:

At the end of this course, students will demonstrate the ability to

  • Know the characteristics, utilization of various components.
  • Understand the biasing techniques
  • Design and analyze various rectifiers, small signal amplifier circuits.
  • Design sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal oscillators.

A thorough understanding, functioning of OP-AMP, design OP-AMP based circuits with linear integrated circuits.


Analog Electronics reference books:

  1. Integrated Electronics, Jacob Millman, Christos C Halkias, McGraw Hill Education, 2nd edition 2010
  2. Op-Amps & Linear ICs – Ramakanth A. Gayakwad, PHI, 2003.
  3. Electronic Devices Conventional and current version -Thomas L. Floyd 2015, pearson.
  4. J. Millman and A. Grabel, “Microelectronics”, McGraw Hill Education, 1988.
  5. P. Horowitz and W. Hill, “The Art of Electronics”, Cambridge University Press, 1989.
  6. P. R. Gray, R. G. Meyer and S. Lewis, “Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits”, John Wiley & Sons, 2001.

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