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JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus 2021

JNTUH Syllabus R18

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus 2021

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of textbook and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of Mathematics 2 has 8 units in total. Topic and sub-topics of Mathematics 2 are mentioned below in detail. If you have any problem in understanding Mathematics 2 or any other Engineering Subject in any semester or in any year then you can view the video lectures on the official CynoHub app.

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus Unit – 1:

Vector Calculus:

Vector Calculus: Scalar point function and vector point function, Gradient- Divergence- Curl and their related properties. Solenoidal and irrotational vectors – finding the Potential function. Laplacian operator. Line integral – work done – Surface integrals -Volume integral. Green’s Theorem, Stoke’s theorem and Gauss’s Divergence Theorems (Statement & their Verification).

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus Unit – 2:

Fourier series and Fourier Transforms:

Definition of periodic function. Fourier expansion of periodic functions in a given interval of length 2 . Determination of Fourier coefficients – Fourier series of even and odd functions – Fourier series in an arbitrary interval – even and odd periodic continuation – Half-range Fourier sine and cosine expansions. Fourier integral theorem – Fourier sine and cosine integrals. Fourier transforms – Fourier sine and cosine transforms – properties – inverse transforms – Finite Fourier transforms.

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus Unit – 3:

Interpolation and Curve fitting

Interpolation: Introduction- Errors in Polynomial Interpolation – Finite differences- Forward Differences- Backward differences –Central differences – Symbolic relations of symbols. Difference expressions – Differences of a polynomial-Newton’s formulae for interpolation – Gauss Central Difference Formulae –Interpolation with unevenly spaced points-Lagrange’s Interpolation formula.
Curve fitting: Fitting a straight line –Second degree curve-exponential curve-power curve by method of least squares.

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus Unit – 4:

Numerical techniques

Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations and Linear system of equations: Introduction – Graphical interpretation of solution of equations .The Bisection Method – The Method of False Position – The Iteration Method – Newton-Raphson Method . Solving system of non-homogeneous equations by L-U Decomposition method (Crout’s Method). Jacobi’s and Gauss-Seidel iteration methods.

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUH Unit – 5:

Numerical Integration and Numerical solutions of differential equations:

Numerical integration – Trapezoidal rule, Simpson’s 1/3rd and 3/8 Rule , Gauss-Legendre one point, two point and three point formulas.
Numerical solution of Ordinary Differential equations: Picard’s Method of successive approximations. Solution by Taylor’s series method – Single step methods-Euler’s Method-Euler’s modified method, Runge-Kutta (second and classical fourth order) Methods. Boundary values & Eigen value problems: Shooting method, Finite difference method and solving eigen values problems, power method

JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus Course Objectives :
  • The objective is to find the relation between the variables x and y out of the given data (x,y).
  • The aim to find such relationships which exactly pass through data or approximately satisfy the data under the condition of least sum of squares of errors.
  • The aim of numerical methods is to provide systematic methods for solving problems in a numerical form using the given initial data.
  • This topic deals with methods to find roots of an equation and solving a differential equation.
  • The numerical methods are important because finding an analytical procedure to solve an equation may not be always available.
  • In the diverse fields like electrical circuits, electronic communication, mechanical vibration and structural engineering, periodic functions naturally occur and hence their properties are very much required.
JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus Syllabus Course Outcomes :
  • Helps in describing the system by an ODE, if possible. Also, suggests to find the solution as a first approximation. 
  • One will be able to find the expansion of a given function by Fourier series and Fourier Transform of the function. 
  • Helps in phase transformation, Phase change and attenuation of coefficients in acoustics. 
  • After studying this unit, one will be able to find a corresponding Partial Differential Equation for an unknown function with many independent variables and to find their solution.
Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUH Referance Books:
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Kreyszig, John Wiley & Sons. 
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by Dr. B.S. Grewal, Khanna Publishers.
  • Mathematical Methods by T.K.V. Iyengar, B.Krishna Gandhi & Others, S. Chand.
  • Introductory Methods by Numerical Analysis by S.S. Sastry, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Mathematical Methods by G.Shankar Rao, I.K. International Publications, N.Delhi 
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB, Dean G. Duffy, 3rd Edi, 2013, CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group. 
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists, Alan Jeffrey, 6ht Edi, 2013, Chapman & Hall/ CRC 
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Michael Greenberg, Second Edition. Person Education 
  • Mathematics For Engineers By K.B.Datta And M.A S.Srinivas, Cengage Publications

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JNTUH R18 M2 Syllabus

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