sc JNTUH B.TECH R18 4-1 Syllabus For Solid waste management PDF 2022 – Cynohub


JNTUH B.TECH R18 4-1 Syllabus For Solid waste management PDF 2022


JNTUH B.TECH R18 4-1 Syllabus For Solid waste management PDF 2022

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You will be able to find information about Solid waste management along with its Course Objectives and Course outcomes and also a list of textbook and reference books in this blog.You will get to learn a lot of new stuff and resolve a lot of questions you may have regarding Solid waste management after reading this blog. Solid waste management has 5 units altogether and you will be able to find notes for every unit on the CynoHub app. Solid waste management can be learnt easily as long as you have a well planned study schedule and practice all the previous question papers, which are also available on the CynoHub app.

All of the Topic and subtopics related to Solid waste management are mentioned below in detail. If you are having a hard time understanding Solid waste management or any other Engineering Subject of any semester or year then please watch the video lectures on the official CynoHub app as it has detailed explanations of each and every topic making your engineering experience easy and fun.

Solid waste management Unit One

Solid Waste:

Definitions, Types of solid wastes, sources of solid wastes, Characteristics, and perspectives; properties of solid wastes, Sampling of Solid wastes, Elements of solid waste management – Integrated solid waste management, Solid Waste Management Rules 2016.

Solid waste management Unit Two

Engineering Systems for Solid Waste Management:

Solid waste generation; on-site handling, storage and processing; collection of solid wastes; Stationary container system and Hauled container systems – Route planning – transfer and transport; processing techniques;

Get Complete Lecture Notes for Solid waste management on Cynohub APP

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Solid waste management Unit Three

Engineering Systems for Resource and Energy Recovery:

Processing techniques; materials recovery systems; recovery of biological conversion products – Composting, pre and post processing, types of composting, Critical parameters, Problems with composing – recovery of thermal conversion products; Pyrolisis, Gasification, RDF – recovery of energy from conversion products; materials and energy recovery systems.

Solid waste management Unit Four


Evolution of landfills – Types and Construction of landfills – Design considerations – Life of landfills- Landfill Problems – Lining of landfills – Types of liners – Leachate pollution and control – Monitoring landfills – Landfills reclamation.

Solid waste management Unit Five

Hazardous waste Management:

Sources and characteristics, Effects on environment, Risk assessment – Disposal of hazardous wastes – Secured landfills, incineration – Monitoring – Biomedical waste disposal, E-waste management, Nuclear Wastes, Industrial waste Management

Solid waste management Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are to
Define the terms and Understands the necessity of solid waste management
Explain the strategies for the collection of solid waste
Describe the solid waste disposal methods
Categorize Hazardous Waste

Solid waste management Course Outcomes

At the end of the course the student will able to:
Identify the physical and chemical composition of solid wastes
Analyze the functional elements for solid waste management.
Understand the techniques and methods used in transformation, conservation, and recovery of materials from solid wastes.
Identify and design waste disposal systems

Solid waste management Text Books

Tchobanoglous G, Theisen H and Vigil SA ‘Integrated Solid Waste Management, Engineering Principles and Management Issues’ McGraw-Hill, 1993.
Vesilind PA, Worrell W and Reinhart D, ‘Solid Waste Engineering’ Brooks/Cole Thomson Learning Inc., 2002.

Solid waste management Reference Books

Peavy, H.S, Rowe, D.R., and G. Tchobanoglous, ‘Environmental Engineering’, McGraw Hill Inc., New York, 1985.
Qian X, Koerner RM and Gray DH, ‘Geotechnical Aspects of Landfill Design and Construction’ Prentice Hall, 2002.

Scoring Marks in Solid waste management

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Information about JNTUH B.Tech R18 Solid waste management was provided in detail in this article. To know more about the syllabus of other Engineering Subjects of JNTUH check out the official CynoHub application. Click below to download the CynoHub application.

Get Complete Lecture Notes for Solid waste management on Cynohub APP

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