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JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus 2021

JNTUA R20 Syllabus

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus 2021

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of textbook and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of Communicative English has 3 units in total. Topic and sub-topics of Communicative English are mentioned below in detail. If you have any problem in understanding Communicative English any other Engineering Subject in any semester or in any year then you can view the video lectures on the official CynoHub app.


JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Unit 1 -

Lesson: On the Conduct of Life: William Hazlitt

Listening: Identifying the topic, the context and specific pieces of information by listening to short
audio texts and answering a series of questions. Speaking: Asking and answering general questions
on familiar topics such as home, family, work, studies and interests; introducing oneself and others.
Reading: Skimming to get the main idea of a text; scanning to look for specific pieces of information.

Reading for Writing :Beginnings and endings of paragraphs introducing the topic, summarizing the
main idea and/or providing a transition to the next paragraph. Grammar and Vocabulary: Parts of
Speech, Content words and function words; word forms: verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs; nouns:
countable and uncountable; singular and plural; basic sentence structures; simple question form wh
questions; word order in sentences.

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Unit 2 -

Lesson: The Brook: Alfred Tennyson

Listening: Answering a series of questions about main idea and supporting ideas after listening to
audio texts. Speaking: Discussion in pairs/small groups on specific topics followed by short structured
talks. Reading: Identifying sequence of ideas; recognizing verbal techniques that help to link the ideas in a paragraph together. Writing: Paragraph writing (specific topics) using suitable cohesive devices; mechanics of writing punctuation, capital letters. Grammar and Vocabulary: Cohesive devices
linkers, sign posts and transition signals; use of articles and zero article; prepositions.

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Unit 3 -

Lesson: The Death Trap: Saki

Listening: Listening for global comprehension and summarizing what is listened to. Speaking:
Discussing specific topics in pairs or small groups and reporting what is discussed Reading: Reading
a text in detail by making basic inferences recognizing and interpreting specific context clues;
strategies to use text clues for comprehension. Writing: Summarizing, Paragraph Writing Grammar
and Vocabulary: Verbs tenses; subjectverb agreement; direct and indirect speech, reporting verbs for academic purposes

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Unit 4 -

Lesson: Innovation: Muhammad Yunus

Listening: Making predictions while listening to conversations/ transactional dialogues without video;
listening with video. Speaking: Role plays for practice of conversational English in academic contexts
(formal and informal) asking for and giving information/directions. Reading: Studying the use of
graphic elements in texts to convey information, reveal trends/patterns/relationships, communicate
processes or display complicated data. Writing: Letter Writing: Official Letters/Report Writing
Grammar and Vocabulary: Quantifying expressions adjectives and adverbs; comparing and
contrasting; Voice Active & Passive Voice

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Unit 5 -

Lesson: Politics and the English Language: George Orwell

Listening: Identifying key terms, understanding concepts and answering a series of relevant questions
that test comprehension. Speaking: Formal oral presentations on topics from academic contexts
without the use of PPT slides. Reading: Reading for comprehension. Writing: Writing structured
essays on specific topics using suitable claims and evidences. Grammar and Vocabulary: Editing short
texts identifying and correcting common errors in grammar and usage (articles, prepositions, tenses,
subject verb agreement)

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Course Objectives

  • Facilitate effective listening skills for better comprehension of academic lectures and
    English spoken by native speakers
  • Focus on appropriate reading strategies for comprehension of various academic texts and
    authentic materials
  • Help improve speaking skills through participation in activities such as role plays,
    discussions and structured talks/oral presentations
  • Impart effective strategies for good writing and demonstrate the same in summarizing,
    writing well organized essays, record and report useful information
  • Provide knowledge of grammatical structures and vocabulary and encourage their
    appropriate use in speech and writing

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Course Outcomes

At the end of the module, the learners will be able to

  • Take notes while listening to a talk/lecture and make use of them to answer questions
  • Make formal oral presentations using effective strategies
  • Comprehend, discuss and respond to academic texts orally and in writing
  • Produce a wellorganized essay with adequate support and detail
  • Edit short texts by correcting common errors

JNTUA R20 Communicative English Syllabus Reference Books

  • Bailey, Stephen. Academic writing: A handbook for international students. Routledge, 2014.
  • Chase, Becky Tarver. Pathways: Listening, Speaking and Critical Thinking. Heinley ELT; 2nd
    Edition, 2018.
  • Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use Fourth Edition (2012) Ebook
  • Hewings, Martin. Cambridge Academic English (B2). CUP, 2012.
  • Oxford Learners Dictionary, 12th Edition, 2011
  • Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy The Complete Handbook for Building a Superior
    Vocabulary (2014)
  • Speed Reading with the Right Brain: Learn to Read Ideas Instead of Just Words by David  Butler

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