JNTU-K B.TECH R-19 III Year-II Semester Syllabus For Data acquisition system PDF 2022


JNTU-K B.TECH R-19 III Year-II Semester Syllabus For Data acquisition system PDF 2022

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You will be able to find information about Data acquisition system along with its Course Objectives and Course outcomes and also a list of textbook and reference books in this blog.You will get to learn a lot of new stuff and resolve a lot of questions you may have regarding Data acquisition system after reading this blog. Data acquisition system has 5 units altogether and you will be able to find notes for every unit on the CynoHub app. Data acquisition system can be learnt easily as long as you have a well planned study schedule and practice all the previous question papers, which are also available on the CynoHub app.

All of the Topic and subtopics related to Data acquisition system are mentioned below in detail. If you are having a hard time understanding Data acquisition system or any other Engineering Subject of any semester or year then please watch the video lectures on the official CynoHub app as it has detailed explanations of each and every topic making your engineering experience easy and fun.

Data acquisition system Unit One


Objective of a Data Acquisition System, single channel Data Acquisition System, Multi-channel Data Acquisition System, ComponentsUsed in Data Acquisition System–Converter Characteristics-Resolution-Non-linearity,settling time, Monotonicity.

Data acquisition system Unit Two


ANALOG TO DIGITAL CONVERTERS (ADCS): Classification of A/D converters, Parallel feedback –Successive approximation –Ramp comparison –Dual slope integration –Voltage to frequency –Voltage to Time –Logarithmic types of ADCS.
NON-LINEAR DATA CONVERTERS (NDC): Basic NDC configurations –Some common NDACS and NADCS –Programmable non-linear ADCS –NADC using optimal sized ROM –High speed hybrid NADC –PLS based NADC –Switched capacitor NDCS.
ADC APPLICATIONS: Data Acquisition systems –Digital signal processing systems –PCM voice communication systems –Test and measurement instruments –Electronic weighing machines.

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Data acquisition system Unit Three


DIGITAL TO ANALOG CONVERTERS (DACS): Principles and design of –Parallel R–2R, weighted resistor, inverted ladder, D/A decoding –Codes other than ordinary binary.
DATA CONVERTER APPLICATIONS: DAC applications –Digitally programmable V/I source–Arbitrary waveform generators –Digitally programmable gain amplifiers –Analog multipliers/ dividers –Analog delay lines.

Data acquisition system Unit Four

Monolithic data converters

typical study of monolithic DACS and ADCS. Interfacing of DACS and ADCS to a microprocessor,

Data acquisition system Unit Five

Error budget of DACS and ADCS

Error sources, error reduction and noise reduction techniques in Data Acquisition System. Error budget analysis Of Data Acquisition System, case study of a DAC and an ADC.

Data acquisition system Course Objectives

Themain objectives of this course are:
Understand and learn single and multichannelData Acquisition System.
Acquire basic skills on capturing experimental data.
Understand and learn digital to analog and analog to digital conversion
Understand and learn on-linear data convertor techniques and applications.
Understand and learn monolithic data convertors and error budget of Data Acquisition System.

Data acquisition system Course Outcomes

At the end of this course the student will be able to:
Differentiate between single and multichannel Data Acquisition System.
Describe the functional blocks of data acquisition system.
Operation of different DACs, ADCs and non-linear ADCs.
Understands of data convertor and monolithic data convertors and their applications.
Gets aware of error budget analysis of Data Acquisition System.

Data acquisition system Text Books

1.Electronic data converters fundamentals and applications –Dinesh K. Anvekar, B.S. Sonde –Tata McGraw Hill.
2.D/A and A/D converters a user’s handbook of -E.R. Hnateck,Wiley3.Data converters by G.B.Clayton.

Data acquisition system Reference Books

1.Electronic Analog/ Digital conversions –Hermann Schmid –Tata McGraw Hill.
2.Electronic instrumentation by HS Kalsi-TMH 2ndEdition, 2004.

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Get Complete Lecture Notes for Data acquisition system on Cynohub APP

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