JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2021

JNTUH Syllabus R18

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus 2021

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of text book and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of Engineering Graphics has 5 units in total. Topic and sub-topics of Engineering Graphics mentioned below in detail. If you have any problem in understanding Engineering Graphics or any other Engineering Subject in any semester or in any year then you can view the video lectures on the official CynoHub app. You can also view pervious years papers on CynoHub app along with the lecture notes.

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Unit 1 :

Introduction to Engineering Drawing:

Principles of Engineering Graphics and their Significance, Conic Sections including the Rectangular Hyperbola – General method only. Cycloid, Epicycloid and Hypocycloid, Scales – Plain & Diagonal.

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Unit 2 :

Orthographic Projections:

Principles of Orthographic Projections – Conventions – Projections of Points and Lines, Projections of Plane regular geometric figures.—Auxiliary Planes.

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Unit 3 :

Projections of Regular Solids – Auxiliary Views – Sections or Sectional views of Right Regular Solids – Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone – Auxiliary views – Sections of Sphere.

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Unit 4:

Development of Surfaces of Right Regular Solids – Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid and Cone, Intersection of Solids: Intersection of – Prism vs Prism- Cylinder Vs Cylinder

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Unit 5 :

Isometric Projections:

Principles of Isometric Projection – Isometric Scale – Isometric Views –Conventions – Isometric Views of Lines, Plane Figures, Simple and Compound Solids – Isometric Projection of objects having non- isometric lines. Isometric Projection of Spherical Parts. Conversion of Isometric Views to Orthographic Views and Vice-versa – Conventions.

Introduction to CAD: (For Internal Evaluation only):

Introduction to CAD Software Package Commands.- Free Hand Sketches of 2D- Creation of 2D Sketches by CAD Package

JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Course Objectives :
  • To provide basic concepts in engineering drawing. 
  • To impart knowledge about standard principles of orthographic projection of objects.
  •  To draw sectional views and pictorial views of solids.
JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Course Outcomes :

At the end of the course, the student will be able to: 

  • Preparing working drawings to communicate the ideas and information.
  •  Read, understand and interpret engineering drawings.
JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Syllabus Reference Books:
  • Engineering Drawing N.D. Bhatt / Charotar 
  • Engineering Drawing / N. S. Parthasarathy and Vela Murali/ Oxford 
  • Engineering Drawing / Basant Agrawal and McAgrawal/ McGraw Hill 
  • Engineering Drawing/ M. B. Shah, B.C. Rane / Pearson.
  • Computer Aided Engineering Drawing – K Balaveera Reddy et al – CBS Publishers

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JNTUH R18 Engineering Graphics Important Questions

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