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JNTUA B.TECH R20 1-1 Syllabus For Linear algebra & calculus PDF 2022


JNTUA B.TECH R20 1-1 Syllabus For Linear algebra & calculus PDF 2022

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You will be able to find information about Linear algebra & calculus along with its Course Objectives and Course outcomes and also a list of textbook and reference books in this blog.You will get to learn a lot of new stuff and resolve a lot of questions you may have regarding Linear algebra & calculus after reading this blog. Linear algebra & calculus has 5 units altogether and you will be able to find notes for every unit on the CynoHub app. Linear algebra & calculus can be learnt easily as long as you have a well planned study schedule and practice all the previous question papers, which are also available on the CynoHub app.

All of the Topic and subtopics related to Linear algebra & calculus are mentioned below in detail. If you are having a hard time understanding Linear algebra & calculus or any other Engineering Subject of any semester or year then please watch the video lectures on the official CynoHub app as it has detailed explanations of each and every topic making your engineering experience easy and fun.

Linear algebra & calculus Unit One


Rank of a matrix by echelon form, normal form. Solving system of homogeneous and non-homogeneous equations linear equations. Eigen values and Eigenvectors and their properties, Cayley-Hamilton theorem (without proof), finding inverse and power of a matrix by Cayley-Hamilton theorem, diagonalisation of a matrix.

Linear algebra & calculus Unit Two

Mean Value Theorems

Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange’s mean value theorem, Cauchy’s mean value theorem, Taylor’s and Maclaurin theorems with remainders (without proof)related problems.

Get Complete Lecture Notes for Linear algebra & calculus on Cynohub APP

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Linear algebra & calculus Unit Three

Multivariable Calculus

Partial derivatives, total derivatives, chain rule, change of variables, Jacobians, maxima and minima of functions of two variables, method of Lagrange multipliers.

Linear algebra & calculus Unit Four

Multiple Integrals

Double integrals, change of order of integration,change of variables.Evaluation of triple integrals, change of variables between Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical polar co-ordinates. Finding areas and volumes using double and triple integrals.

Linear algebra & calculus Unit Five

Beta and Gamma functions

Beta and Gamma functions and their properties, relation between beta and gamma functions, evaluation of definite integrals using beta and gamma functions.

Linear algebra & calculus Course Objectives

This course will illuminate the students in the concepts of calculus and linear algebra. To equip the students with standard concepts and tools at an intermediate to advanced level mathematics to develop the confidence and ability among the students to handle various real world problems and their applications.

Linear algebra & calculus Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, the student will be able to. Develop the use of matrix algebra techniques that is needed by engineers for practical applications (L6)Utilize mean value theorems to real life problems (L3)Familiarize with functions of several variables which is useful in optimization (L3) Students will also learn important tools of calculus in higher dimensions. Students will become familiar with 2-dimensional coordinate systems (L5).Students will become familiar with 3-dimensional coordinate systems and also learn the utilization of special functions

Linear algebra & calculus Text Books

1.B. S. Grewal, Higher Engineering Mathematics, 44/e, Khanna Publishers, 2017.2.Erwin Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 10/e,John Wiley & Sons, 2011.

Linear algebra & calculus Reference Books

1.R. K. Jain and S. R. K. Iyengar, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 3/e, Alpha Science International Ltd., 2002.2.George B. Thomas, Maurice D. Weir and Joel Hass, Thomas Calculus, 13/e, Pearson Publishers, 2013.3.Glyn James, Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics, 4/e, Pearson publishers, 2011.4.Micheael Greenberg, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 9thedition, Pearson edn5.Dean G. Duffy, Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB, CRC Press6.Peter O’neil,Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Cengage Learning.7.R.L. GargNishu Gupta, Engineering Mathematics Volumes-I &II, Pearson Education8.B. V. Ramana, Higher Engineering Mathematics, McGraw Hill Education
9.H. k Das, Er. RajnishVerma, Higher Engineering Mathematics, S. Chand.10.N. Bali, M. Goyal, C. Watkins, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Infinity Science Press.

Scoring Marks in Linear algebra & calculus

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Get Complete Lecture Notes for Linear algebra & calculus on Cynohub APP

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