JNTU-A B.TECH R20 1-1 Syllabus For Basic electrical engineering PDF 2022


JNTU-A B.TECH R20 1-1 Syllabus For Basic electrical engineering PDF 2022

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You will be able to find information about Basic electrical engineering along with its Course Objectives and Course outcomes and also a list of textbook and reference books in this blog.You will get to learn a lot of new stuff and resolve a lot of questions you may have regarding Basic electrical engineering after reading this blog. Basic electrical engineering has 5 units altogether and you will be able to find notes for every unit on the CynoHub app. Basic electrical engineering can be learnt easily as long as you have a well planned study schedule and practice all the previous question papers, which are also available on the CynoHub app.

All of the Topic and subtopics related to Basic electrical engineering are mentioned below in detail. If you are having a hard time understanding Basic electrical engineering or any other Engineering Subject of any semester or year then please watch the video lectures on the official CynoHub app as it has detailed explanations of each and every topic making your engineering experience easy and fun.

Basic electrical engineering Unit One

DC & AC Circuits

Electrical circuit elements (R – L and C) – Kirchhoff laws – Series and parallel connection of
resistances with DC excitation. Superposition Theorem – Representation of sinusoidal waveforms –
peak and rms values – phasor representation – real power – reactive power – apparent power – power
factor – Analysis of single-phase ac circuits consisting of RL – RC – RLC series circuits, Resonance

Basic electrical engineering Unit Two

DC & AC Machines

Principle and operation of DC Generator – EMF equations – OCC characteristics of DC generator –
principle and operation of DC Motor – Performance Characteristics of DC Motor – Speed control of
DC Motor – Principle and operation of Single Phase Transformer – OC and SC tests on transformer –
Principle and operation of 3-phase AC machines [ Elementary treatment only ]

Get Complete Lecture Notes for Basic electrical engineering on Cynohub APP

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Basic electrical engineering Unit Three

Basics of Power Systems

Layout & operation of Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear Stations – Solar & wind generating stations – Typical
AC Power Supply scheme – Elements of Transmission line – Types of Distribution systems: Primary
& Secondary distribution systems

Basic electrical engineering Unit Four


Basic electrical engineering Unit Five


Basic electrical engineering Course Objectives

To introduce basics of electric circuits.
 To teach DC and AC electrical circuit analysis.
 To explain working principles of transformers and electrical machines.
 To impart knowledge on Power system generation, transmission and distribution

Basic electrical engineering Course Outcomes

The student should be able to
● Apply concepts of KVL/KCL in solving DC circuits
● Understand and choose correct rating of a transformer for a specific application
● Illustrate working principles of DC Motor
● Identify type of electrical machine based on their operation
● Understand the basics of Power generation, Transmission and Distribution

Basic electrical engineering Text Books

. D. P. Kothari and I. J. Nagrath – “Basic Electrical Engineering” – Tata McGraw Hill – 2010.
2. V.K. Mehta & Rohit Mehta, “Principles of Power System” – S.Chand – 2018

Basic electrical engineering Reference Books

L. S. Bobrow – “Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering” – Oxford University Press – 2011.
2. E. Hughes – “Electrical and Electronics Technology” – Pearson – 2010.
3. C.L. Wadhwa – “Generation Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy”, 3rd Edition,
New Age International Publications.

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Get Complete Lecture Notes for Basic electrical engineering on Cynohub APP

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