Cynohub – Btech Learning App

Cynohub – Btech Learning App

Best Learning app for Engineers

The BTech Learning App

Cynohub is trusted by 200,000 Students all across India to learn and excel at their engineering

Cynohub - The btech app

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Learn Btech Online using India's Best Btech App. Get high quality Lecture videos, study material and previous year question papers and their solutions -- All in One APP!

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Cynohub - Btech Learning App

Why Students Love Cynohub

It was great experience using it. Especially in my Exams time it's very useful. Easy to understand the concepts. The easy way of interacting with lecturers. The key features of the app is that they provide previous years questions papers we can refer them at last minute. Can Learn any topic by just searching it great features in app. It's wonderful app!!
Abhinav N
CIVIL Student
Cynohub ,really very helpful for students. Because there is no clear & full explanation in college. Here are the best faculty. Easy understandable. Totally its very best one and only application i have ever found from web.Best for learning all engineering subjects online in one app, definitely recommend to all my fellow engineering students.
Vainatha Vainu
ECE Student
Good teaching skills ,easily we can understand the concepts which they are trying to say, and if we go through the concepts it is quite easy for exam preparation,they also motivate they also provide opportunities for students,the pdf which they send can be easily understandable even for a dull student it is really a helping hand for the future engineers and I wish it would help many more students
Kondoju Srividya
CSE Student
In simple words I can say it's an excellent app.I referred cynohub to my friends because it played an important role during my examination.So I learned tough topics very easily through cynohub. Not only for engineering students, also for who are interested to learn technical courses and many more which can play a major role in future. Notes and videos are in understandable format.
Renu Asritha Sai Bandreddy
ECE Student
It's an India's biggest E- Learning app for an B-Tech students over 1.5 lakh, The best features of this app is , that it have a great lectures which help the students to learn easily and adopt the concept easily.. Another best feature is It's affordable and it's cheaper not too costly.. App also contains special courses apart from the Subjects..
Kolanu Adharsh Netha
CSE Student

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