Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK (M2) R20


Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK (M2) R20

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of textbook and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of Mathematics 2 has 5 units in total. Topic and sub-topics of Mathematics 2 are mentioned below in detail. If you have any problem in understanding Mathematics 2 or any other Engineering Subject in any semester or in any year then you can view the video lectures on the official CynoHub app.

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK Unit - 1:

Solving systems of linear equations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors

Rank  of  a  matrix  by  echelon  form  and  normal  form  –  Solving  system  of      homogeneous  and  non- homogeneous linear  equations  –  Gauss  Eliminationmethod  –  Eigen  values  and  Eigen vectors  and properties.

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK Unit - 2:

Cayley–Hamilton theorem and Quadratic forms

Cayley-Hamilton theorem (without proof) – Applications – Finding the inverse and power of a matrix by Cayley-Hamilton  theorem  –  Reduction  to  Diagonal  form  –  Quadratic  forms  and  nature  of  the  quadratic forms – Reduction of quadratic form to canonical forms by orthogonal transformation. Singular values of a matrix, singular value decomposition.

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK Unit - 3:

Iterative methods

Introduction– Bisection method–Secant method – Method of false position– Iteration method – Newton- Raphson  method  (One  variable  and  simultaneous  Equations)  –  Jacobi  and  Gauss-Seidel  methods  for solving system of equations numerically.

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK Unit - 4:


Introduction–  Errors  in  polynomial  interpolation  –  Finite  differences–  Forward  differences–  Backward differences  –Central  differences  –  Relations  between  operators  –  Newton’s  forward  and  backward formulae  for  interpolation  –  Interpolation  with  unequal  intervals  –  Lagrange’s interpolation formula– Newton’s divide difference formula.

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK Unit - 5:

Numerical differentiation and integration, Solution of ordinary differential equations with initial conditions

Numerical differentiation using  interpolating polynomial  – Trapezoidal rule– Simpson’s 1/3rd   and 3/8th rule– Solution of initial value problems by  Taylor’s  series– Picard’s  method  of  successive approximations– Euler’s method – Runge-Kutta method (second and fourth order).

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUH Course Objectives :

  • To instruct the concept of Matrices in solving linear algebraic equations 
  • To elucidate the different numerical methods to solve nonlinear algebraic equations 
  • To disseminate the use of different numerical techniques for carrying out numerical integration. 
  • To equip the students with standard concepts and tools at an intermediate to advanced level mathematics to develop the confidence and ability among the students to handle various real-world problems and their applications.

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUH Course Outcomes :

  • develop the use of matrix algebra techniques that is needed by engineers for practical applications (L6) 
  • solve  system  of  linear  algebraic  equations  using  Gauss  elimination,  Gauss  Jordan,  Gauss  Seidel (L3) 
  • evaluate the approximate roots of polynomial and transcendental equations by different algorithms (L5) 
  • apply  Newton’s  forward  &  backward  interpolation  and    Lagrange’s  formulae  for  equal  and unequal intervals (L3) 
  • apply numerical integral techniques to different Engineering problems (L3) 
  • apply different algorithms  for approximating the solutions of ordinary differential equations with initial conditions to its analytical computations  (L3)

Mathematics 2 Syllabus JNTUK Reference Books:

  • Steven C. Chapra, Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineering and Science, Tata Mc. Graw Hill Education.
  • M. K.  Jain, S.R.K.  Iyengar and  R.K.  Jain,  Numerical  Methods for  Scientific and  Engineering Computation, New Age International Publications.
  • Lawrence Turyn, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, CRC Press.

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