JNTUA R20 B.Tech C Programming PPS Syllabus 2021

JNTUA R20 Syllabus

JNTUA R20 B.Tech C Programming PPS Syllabus 2021

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus along with Course Objectives and Course outcome and list of textbook and reference books is mentioned in this blog. The subject of C Programming has 5 units in total. Topic and sub-topics of C Programming are mentioned below in detail. If you have any problem in understanding C Programming any other Engineering Subject in any semester or in any year then you can view the video lectures on the official CynoHub app.


JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Unit 1 -

Introduction to C Language

– C language elements, variable declarations and data types, operators and expressions, decision statements – If and switch statements, loop control statements – while, for, do-while statements, arrays.

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Unit 2

Functions, types of functions, Recursion and argument passing, pointers, storage allocation, pointers to
functions, expressions involving pointers, Storage classes auto, register, static, extern, Structures,
Unions, Strings, string handling functions, and Command-line arguments.

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Unit 3

Data Structures, Overview of data structures, stacks and queues, representation of a stack, stack related terms, operations on a stack, implementation of a stack, evaluation of arithmetic expressions, infix, prefix, and postfix notations, evaluation of postfix expression, conversion of expression from infix to postfix, recursion, queues – various positions of queue, representation of queue, insertion, deletion, searching operations.

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Unit 4

Linked Lists 

Singly linked list, dynamically linked stacks and queues, polynomials using singly linked lists, using circularly linked lists, insertion, deletion and searching operations, doubly linked lists and its operations, circular linked lists and its operations.

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Unit 5


Tree terminology, representation, Binary trees, representation, binary tree traversals. binary tree operations, Graphs – graph terminology, graph representation, elementary graph operations, Breadth First Search (BFS) and Depth First Search (DFS), connected components, spanning trees. Searching and Sorting – sequential search, binary search, exchange (bubble) sort, selection sort, insertion sort.

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Course Objectives

  • To illustrate the basic concepts of C programming language.
  • To discuss the concepts of Functions, Arrays, Pointers and Structures.
  • To familiarize with Stack, Queue and Linked lists data structures.
  • To explain the concepts of nonlinear data structures like graphs and trees.
  • To learn different types of searching and sorting techniques

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Course Outcomes

  • Analyse the basic concepts of C Programming language. (L4)
  • Design applications in C, using functions, arrays, pointers and structures. (L6)
  • Apply the concepts of Stacks and Queues in solving the problems. (L3)
  • Explore various operations on Linked lists. (L5)
  • Demonstrate various tree traversals and graph traversal techniques. (L2)
  • Design searching and sorting methods (L3

JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus Reference Books

  • Pradip Dey and Manas Ghosh, Programming in C, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition
  • E. Balaguruswamy, “C and Data Structures”, 4th Edition, Tata Mc Graw Hill.
  • A.K. Sharma, Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C, 2nd Edition, University
  • M.T. Somashekara, “Problem Solving Using C”, PHI, 2nd Edition 2009.

Scoring Marks in JNTUA R20 C Programming Syllabus

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