HTML & CSS Mastery

HTML & CSS Mastery

HTML & CSS Mastery

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Learn HTML and CSS

Welcome to the most Thorough and fun HTML and CSS Course on the Internet. After this course you will be able to build high quality and responsive websites that look fantastic on any device and deliver stunning user experiences across the web.
The Goal of this course is to equip you all the latest industry skills that you need to build a wide variety of websites. By the end of this course you can launch your career in web development. You don’t need any expensive software or fancy computer science degrees to make the most out of this course. All the softwares I use in this course are completely free and I also show you tons of amazing tools that seasoned web developers use on a daily basis to make development of websites easier. 
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Learn with Projects


I have aways believed that learning has to be practical. I learnt programming by building stuff and that helped me understand and gain a greater confidence on the websites I build. In this course I follow the same mantra to teach you complex concepts. I made sure when you learn html and css, you truly know the in’s and out’s of the two languages and as a part of that we build 5 really cool projects that are going to wow the recruiters of any company.

Let’s look at what we are going to be building in this course.


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Become a Certified Web Developer for 799/-
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Become a Certified Web Developer for 799/-


Launch Your Web Development Career

Rated Best for Absolute Beginners and Seasoned Developers!

Learn HTML And CSS

The Course is structured in a way that is suitable for both absolute beginners and seasoned developers. The course starts these concepts fro m scratch and builds on them to advanced concepts, guiding the learner on his journey.

Beautiful and Practical Projects

Learn HTML And CSS

It is absolutely necessary for any developer to have a good portfolio of projects that not only are functional but also are stunning to look at.
The course tackles 5 such projects that add a great depth to the learners resume but also help in strengthening the skills.

Doubt Clarification and Track Progress

Learn HTML And CSS

Once you enroll, you will have access to all the lectures and all the project files that we build in the course.

Under every video there is a comment section dedicated to asking doubts. Learners can post their questions there and they will be answered.

What will You be learning?

In this course we will diving deep into the following concepts:

1. How Websites Work

2. Development Environment | Visual Studio Code | Live Server

3. Learning HTML | Hyper Text Markup Language

4. Styling the website with CSS

5. Latest UI Trends

6. CSS Flexbox 

7. CSS Grid

8. Responsive Design with Media Queries

9. Animations with Keyframes and Transitions

10. Hosting Your Websites on the Internet

11. Five Amazing Projects!

best html and css course
Become a Certified Web Developer for 799/-

If You want to learn html and css, then this should be your go-to course on the internet, I really love the projects that I built in this course.

Rahul varma

Engineering Student

"Most Practical and Up-To-Date course ever built!" - Sowmya

This was my first Web Development course ever and I'm glad I took this because my fundamentals are very strong because of this course. The perfect place to learn html and css

Sowmith Chatlapally

Web Developer

Amazing Course to Learn Html and Css! Highly recommend to beginners!

Srikanth Reddy

Associate Software Developer

Learn html and css masterclass

What Students Say!

"As Web Developers, the most fundamental skills required are HTML and CSS, I Cannot Stress on how important Responsive Design is. For all those concepts, I cannot think of a Better course than this!"

Sudheer Kumar ( Software Engineer at Infosys )

Become a Certified Web Developer for 799/-

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How to Make the most out of this course?


All you would need to learn HTML and CSS is just a laptop and internet connection. To become a modern day web developer it is very essential to learn HTML and CSS as these are founding blocks for any website on the internet. Learning to build a website in 2021 can have amazing benefits to any individual, as there is always a scope to represent yourself and your work online to get Jobs or to get clients to to make money as a programmer. 

Any individual looking to enter the world of programming could opt to learn html and css to truly understand how the web works and what is going on in the background of some of the most common websites that we visit on a daily basis. When you learn html and css, it opens up a new appreciation for web design and it really makes you wonder and understand the effort that goes into building a website.

By purchasing this Learn HTML and CSS Masterclass you get access to high quality HD videos for lifetime including access to the source code for the websites that we build together in this course. You also get access to doubt clarification under each video.

Why Should You Learn HTML and CSS?

There are over 1.7 Billion Websites on the internet and each and every single one of them has HTML and CSS in them. HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks for every web developer to build websites. The best part about these languages are that they are very easy to learn – provided you have the right resources. 

The best part of HTML and CSS is that it is very visual, unlike other programming languages which run in a terminal or on a black screen, HTML and CSS shows you exactly what your code is doing, it provides instant feedback on what’s working and whats not working so you get an idea on how your code is functioning behind the screen. This is also one of the main reasons I start with HTML and CSS to all my students who want to get into programming.

If you always wanted to build your own website or run your own blog, but were scared of code or programming, then this HTML and CSS Course is the perfect one for you!. In this we not only learn from scratch, but also build several examples that we learnt in the past to get used to new concepts very quickly without having to memorise them. After this course, you will no longer be memorising code but you will exactly know which block of code to use in which scenario. 

If you are an aspiring, we designer, programmer, web developer, etc. HTML and CSS are the two languages that can help you get started quickly and help you gain confidence to tackle more advanced programming languages.

Once you learn HTML and CSS, we quickly move on to Responsive Design. Wikipedia States responsive design is one of the most important fundamental skills required for a web developer.

You can Purchase the projects content Individually here

Become a Certified Web Developer for 799/-
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