Vue Js Fundamentals Course

Vue Js Fundamentals Course

Vue Js Fundamentals Course

Vue JS is the hottest framework in the market. Developers are jumping ships from React and Angular to learn Vue JS.

Already overtaking React in terms of Github Stars, Vue is more than giving the giants like React and Angular a run for their money. With each year, Vue gets more and more popular and the adoption rate keeps going through the roof.
If you are beginner developer who is planning on learning Vue JS. This is the perfect time for learn the framework.
This course does not require you to know React nor Angular, and I guarantee you that you will learn it way quickly than you can learn any of the other two frameworks.
Inside the course we cover – 
  • Front- End Framework Fundamentals
  • Virtual DOM
  • Vue Instance
  • Vue CDN
  • Data Properties
  • Vue CLI
  • Method Properties
  • Computed Properties
  • Data Binding
  • Two- Way Data Binding
  • Events
  • Event Modifiers
  • Mouse and Keyboard Events
  • Watch Properties
  • Components
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Props
  • Custom Events
  • Looping the template
  • Life Cycle Hooks
  • Mixins
  • Vue – Router
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Programatic Navigation
  • How to look for Jobs with Vue JS


Become a Certified Vue JS Developer for 1999/-
What is Vue JS?
Vuejs is a progressive framework for JavaScript used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. 
It means it a library / framework that is built over javascript to help web developers create amazing web apps at relative ease. Notice how i’m saying web apps and not websites, because those two are fundamentally different.


What are Web Apps?
Since I could not find a simple definition online, here is my take on them. Web apps are applications for the web ( let me explain ). In simple terms, pick up your phone and open up any app, and try to navigate inside the app, the app doesn’t refresh each and every single time you navigate, instead it is very sooth and functional, but a conventional website will refresh each and every-time you navigate or change pages – eg: Amazon.
On the Other hand Youtube is a web app, try and navigate youtube in your web browser it functions like an app. Vue js along with frameworks like angular js and React js are some of the most popular frameworks that help you in building these web apps.
Become a Certified Vue JS Developer for 1999/-
Why Should You Learn Vue JS?
Vue is a no-bullshit approach to front-end development and it continues to evolve in that way, It contains very less boilerplate and is extremely flexible.
You might have heard that Vue is extremely lightweight but on the other hand, it’s extremely powerful as well.
The flexibility of Vue makes the framework easy to pick up and easy to integrate into existing projects, but equally powerful and resourceful to build an entire application around it.
When you compare what vue is capable of doing with its small size and insanely fast core, you will feel frameworks like Angular a bit outdated or antique. That is also one of the many reasons, developers are flocking towards Vue JS. 
Why This Vue JS Course?
I have seen several vue js courses out there and a lot of them focus only on teaching you how to navigate the framework and how concepts work. But what I noticed in my years of teaching to students all across the globe is that students usually tend to get confused on why certain concepts exist and novice developers usually struggle to properly identify which concept to use where leading to low quality code. Hence, in this course I have made sure, I have explained why each concept exists and have also included an example for each and every single concept that we learn.
Not only does this help you understand the concepts better, but will also help you in making informed decisions on which concept to use where while building your next application.

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Why Students Choose CynoHub?

One Of the best Vue Js Courses on the internet, each concept is explained with many examples and practical use cases. Great Job on the course. 10/10 Would Recommend to beginners.
Krishna Kireeti
Software Engineer ( Infosys )
The teaching pace is perfect!. Really good examples to show usage of concepts. Really good vue js course. Looking forward to your other courses.
Mayur Iyengar
Front End Developer ( PayTM )
I Got a Job Because of this course. Thank you So much for the best vue js course on the internet, the job finding section at the end really helped me a lot.
Kalpana Prabhu
Front End Developer ( Torinit )
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